Civil Liberties

  (Click the picture to view) Thank you to the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association for these questions. Here is my response. Thank you Sharon Polsky of the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties for the questions sent on the 4th of October the national day of the Sisters in Spirit Vigils honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirit. As an Indigenous person who has known the historical barriers of legal access, I will be an continue to be an advocate for civil liberties.      

Calgary Herald & Sun questions

  (Click on the picture to view) Thank you to the Calgary Herald and The Calgary Sun for your questions. Here are my answers: Thank you folks for reading/watching. Please vote Oct. 16 or the advanced polls starting Oct. 4  

Be Part of the Movement

  (Click the picture to watch)   Be part of the movement! Our teams will be out this weekend with signs - legally. To request a sign head to my website MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE!! Call your friends and neighbors now!

Sprawl video

Thanks to sprawl for shooting this video.

My profile

(Click on the picture) So honoured to be running for Ward 10, check out my profile on the Calgary Elections site  

Calgary Chamber Questions

My responses to the Calgary Chamber questions. (Click the picture)


I was lucky enough to have APTN News publish a story about me.  Check it out (click the picture)  

Heritage Survey

My response to the Municipal Election Heritage Survey (click on the picture)